Branch Leadership

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Elected Officers 2023 – 2024

President — Jane Wattick

Vice President for Program –Shirley Koo

Vice President for Membership — Liz Shapiro

Treasurer — Cheryll R, Plotkin

Secretary — Wendy R. Plotkin


Public Policy Chair — Shawn Woods

Benefit Luncheon Chair — Diane Cochran

Newsletter Editor & Website Manager — Carol MacDonald

Facebook Editor — Wendy Plotkin

Sunshine & Shadow — Doris Karlik

                                                          Tech-Trek– Susan Copperman

Interest Group Chairs

Bridge Group — Shirley Koo

Book Club — Doris Noble

Out & About Group- — Dorothy Evangelista

Special Projects Chairs

Hispanic Human Resources Adopt-a-Class — Judy Pierman

Scholarship — Mary Jane Saunders